gifs from kyungri’s instagram videos for anonymous

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sexy gifs of kyungri for anonymous

colour meme: euaerin + orange for anonymous

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news era outfit appreciation for princejonghyun

surprise attack

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Happy birthday, Sungah! #happysungaday

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Anonymous yelled
I'm glad that you're still here....:)

Thank you. I’m glad Sera’s still updating her youtube and twitter :)

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ryutube: can’t take my eyes off you

Kyungri in XTM Homme 6.0 episodes for anonymous

get to know me meme: (5/12) favorite female biases: park kyungri

"The most difficult thing for me was preparing to be in a group. Even after three years in that management company, when it came to selecting people for debut, I was only chosen as a backup dancer; it was frustrating. There were also times when we had to learn an entire choreography routine just a day before the performance - it wouldn’t be too difficult for a pro dancer, but I wasn’t. I felt defeated. I cried an entire day, until my body was numb."